Terry Kane Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

About Terry Kane 

  • Terry is one of Canada’s most experienced physiotherapists with over 35 years of clinical experience in the treatment of sports injuries and orthopaedic conditions.
  • During his career Terry has worked with over 500 Olympic and Professional athletes as well as lectured on musculoskeletal injuries and exercise rehabilitation internationally in Beijing, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Frankfurt, London and across Canada and United States.
  • Graduate of the University of Toronto BPHE, BSC(PT)
  • Registered Physiotherapist in Alberta since 1985

Current Activities

Past Activities

  • Physiotherapist, Emergency Department at Peter Lougheed Centre 
  • Physiotherapist, Canada’s Olympic Men’s Hockey Team
  • Physiotherapist, Calgary Flames Hockey Team
  • Physiotherapist, University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre
  • Physiotherapist, Calgary Chronic Pain Clinic
  • Physiotherapist, Calgary West Central Primary Care Clinic
  • Injury Data Analysis Consultant, National Hockey League (Injury Analysis Panel)
  • Editorial Reviewer, Physician and Sportsmedicine
  • Contributing Author, Injury Recognition and Prevention Strategies, Foundations of Professional Personal Training, (2016) Human Kinetics, ISBN 978-1-4504-6852-7



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