Terry Kane Orthopaedic Physiotherapist

About Terry Kane

Terry Kane is a graduate of the University of Toronto (1981, 1985) and is one of Canada’s most experienced Orthopaedic and Sports physiotherapists with over 35 years of clinical experience. 

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Terry moved to Calgary in 1985 to become the Team Physiotherapist for Canada’s Men’s National Hockey Team in preparation for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.

Between 1985 and 1988, Terry travelled internationally to Moscow, Leningrad, Kyiv, Switzerland, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, across Canada, United States and ultimately walked in the opening and closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympics in Calgary.

After the Olympics, Terry joined the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre where he worked with some of Canada’s most respected orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians as well as some of Canada’s best athletes.  

In 1995, Terry returned to hockey with the Calgary Flames Hockey Team (NHL) as a Team Physiotherapist where he travelled with the team and was responsible for the management and rehabilitation of all injuries.

In 2001, Terry was hired by the National Hockey League (NHL) as a Consultant to the NHL Injury Analysis Panel where he was responsible for auditing monthly injury data from all 30 teams and preparing reports for league officials and the panel. This objective data was instrumental in helping the league to make informed decisions to improve player safety.

In 2004, Terry left the world of professional sports to spend more time with his family and to focus on advancing primary care orthopaedic care (triaging, evidence-based physiotherapy) and educating Canadians through internet technology (see OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network).

Terry currently works for Alberta Health Services and sees private patients part-time.

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Post-Hockey Activities

  • Founder &Owner, OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network.
  • Founder & Owner, Hockey-Injuries.com
  • Physiotherapist at;
    • Alberta Health Services
    • Calgary Chronic Pain Centre
    • Calgary West Central Primary Care Network
  • Served as an Editorial Peer Reviewer for the Physician and Sportsmedicine and the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine Journals
  • Speaker at;
    • The University of Calgary Department of Continuing Medical Education (Calgary Chronic Pain Conferences)
    • The University of Calgary Department of Orthopaedics (Glen Edwards Day)
    • As well as lectured at international health and fitness conferences in Canada, the United States, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Thailand.
  • Contributing Author, Injury Recognition and Prevention Strategies, Foundations of Professional Personal Training, Human Kinetics


Appointment Information

Due to other clinical commitments, Terry only sees private patients on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please note that Terry does not see;

  • patients with injuries resulting from a work-related accident or motor vehicle accident.
  • patients on short or long-term disability insurance coverage.
  • patients who have retained legal counsel or who are seeking a professional opinion for any current or future legal action.

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Internet Projects

In 2012, Terry founded OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network consisting of the following domains (live or in development). 

The OrthopaedicsCanada.com Network