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Orthopaedic Conditions & Injuries 

Terry offers one hour orthopaedic assessments and home-based rehab exercise programs focused on;

  1. Patients with acute and chronic orthopaedic or sports related injuries.
  2. Patients seeking a second opinion on their condition.
  3. Patients questioning the probability that they require surgery.
  4. Patients who want to avoid surgery and looking at their options.
  5. Patients seeking private post-surgical physiotherapy (Terry does not provide free post-surgical physiotherapy).

Office Appointment Information

  1. Terry is a registered physiotherapist with the Alberta Physiotherapy + College.
  2. No physician referral is required to see Terry.
  3. Terry’s services are private and not covered by Alberta Health Services.
  4. All appointment bookings are done online via this website.
  5. Initial assessments are one-hour in length at $100 (no GST).
  6. Follow up appointments are 30 minutes in length at $50 (no GST)
  7. Payment is required at the time of your appointment. Official receipts will be provided.
  8. Terry offers a money-back guarantee and full refund if you’re unhappy with the service you receive.
  9. Location: Heavens Fitness Club – 637, 11th Avenue SW Calgary.
  10. There is free parking surrounding the building.
  11. Please note that Terry does NOT see patients with injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, work related accidents or involved in any form of medical or legal litigation.
  12. In order to provide an accurate diagnosis, a physical examination is required.  Given that Terry is a male physiotherapist, all patients are invited to bring a friend or family member to witness any appointment.
  13. All minor age patients must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

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