In Person Appointments


In-Person Appointment Information


  • What to expect 
    • Terry offers in-person assessments in order to (1) examine and diagnose, (2) educate patients and (3) provide patients with a home-based treatment plan, including appropriate exercises.
    • If Terry believes you require a test or referral to a specialist he will make a referral to the most appropriate provider.
    • Terry offers follow up appointments via video conferencing (virtual appointments)
  •  Fees
    • Terry’s services are private and not covered by Alberta Health.
    • The fee for a in-person sixty minute appointment with Terry is $100.00 (no GST).
    • The fee for a virtual telehealth appointment is $40.00 (no GST)
    • Payment is not required in advance of your appointment.
    • All payments are made online via e-transfer.
    • We do not direct bill insurance companies.
    • Receipts will be provided once payment is received.
  • Location:
    • The Academy Fitness Club, 637 – 11th Avenue SW, Calgary.
  • Parking:
    • Free parking surrounding the building.
  • Age:
    • Patients under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Before Booking An Appointment:
    • Please see the list below of patients that Terry does not see.
Before booking an appointment, please note the following conditions.
  • Terry does NOT assess or treat patients who have been involved in a work related (WCB) or motor vehicle accident (MVA)
  • Terry does NOT assess or treat patients who are on short or long term disability insurance coverage.
  • Terry does NOT assess or treat patient patients who have retained legal counsel and / or are actively involved in any form of legal action regarding their injuries.