Areas of Practice

“Exercise is the single most effective non-surgical treatment to improve long term  joint mobility, muscular strength and functional independence.”
Terry Kane, Registered Physiotherapist


Areas of Practice

  • Acute and Chronic musculoskeletal and joint injuries
  • Orthopaedic triage assessments and referrals (as indicated).
  • Exercise-based non-surgical rehabilitation
  • Pre- and post-surgical exercise rehabilitation
  • Shoulder, hip and knee pain & arthritis
  • Tele-Rehabilitation / Virtual Physiotherapy

What to expect seeing Terry

  1. Terry only sees one patient per hour.
  2. Unhurried assessment and physical examination
  3. Unhurried patient education on their condition, prognosis and home based treatment strategies.
  4. Safe, appropriate and supervised home based rehab exercise.
  5. Terry does NOT use passive treatment methods such as ultrasound, needling, acupuncture or spinal manipulations.   If you are looking for these treatments we recommend you see another physiotherapist.

Terry does NOT see the following patient profiles;

  • Terry does not assess or treat patients who have been involved in a work related (WCB) or motor vehicle accident (MVA)
  • Terry does not assess or treat patients who are on short or long term disability insurance coverage.
  • Terry does not assess or treat patient patients who have retained legal counsel and / or are actively involved in any form of legal action regarding their injuries.