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** Important Safety Information **
  1. The  single most important ingredient in designing a safe and effective treatment plan is the accuracy and reliability of a clinical diagnosis.
  2. The only way to make a accurate and reliable clinical diagnosis is by undergoing a hands-on physical examination.
  3. While telehealth is very convenient for patient education and patient follow up, it does not allow for a hands-on physical examination.
  4. Proceeding to a telehealth appointment without a hands-on physical examination and written diagnosis is not considered the safest option and may result in inappropriate treatment advice that may increase your pain or disability.
  5. If you are looking for a diagnosis and a safe and effective treatment plan from Terry you must book an in-person assessment.   Terry is happy to provide telehealth appointments after he has examined you and diagnosed your condition.
  6. If you have already seen a physician, surgeon or physiotherapist for an in-person physical examination and have their diagnosis in writing, then Terry is happy to offer telehealth appointments.  Please note that telehealth appointments with Terry are currently restricted to Alberta residents only.
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