Appointment Information


  • Appointment schedule
    • Although Terry is double vaccinated – due to the state of emergency in Alberta –  Terry has temporarily stopped seeing private patients face-to-face.
    • If you have any questions for Terry, please visit our contact us page.
  • Areas of practice
    • Shoulder Injuries / Conditions
    • Hip Injuries / Conditions
    • Knee Injuries / Conditions
    • Low Back Pain (not neck pain)
  • Patients that Terry does not see; 
    • Terry does not see patients who have been involved in a work related (WCB) or motor vehicle accident (MVA)
    • Terry does not see patients who are on short or long term disability insurance coverage.
    • Terry does not see patients who have retained legal counsel and / or are actively involved in any form of legal action regarding their injuries.
  • What to expect from Terry
    • Terry offers one-hour in-person assessments in order to;
      • Conduct a thorough and unhurried physical exam,
      • Provide a diagnosis for the cause of a patient’s symptoms.
      • Educate patients on their condition and fully answer their questions.
      • Provide patients with a home-based treatment plan, including safe and appropriate exercises.
    • Please note, that Terry believes strictly in exercise rehabilitation to improve function.
    • If you are looking for passive treatments such as massage, joint manipulations, needling, ultrasound or weekly treatments, you are encouraged to see another physiotherapist.  
  • 10 common questions Terry answers for patients
    1. What anatomical tissues are causing my symptoms?
    2. Will my injured tissues heal and my symptoms improve?
    3. How long will it take for my injured tissues to heal?
    4. Do treatments, injections or medications accelerate tissue healing?
    5. Can I get better at home without treatments in a clinic?
    6. What activities or exercises shouldn’t I be doing  at this time.
    7. What activities or exercises should I be doing at home?
    8. Do I need an x-ray, ultrasound or MRI?
    9. Do I need to see a orthopaedic surgeon or another specialist?
      1. If so, who would recommend that I see for my injury or condition?
    10. If I saw a surgeon today, what is the probability that I would be offered surgery for my injury or condition?
  •  Fees
    • Terry’s services are private and not covered by Alberta Health. 
    • We do not direct bill insurance companies.
    • Terry’s fee for an in-person one-hour assessment is $100.00 (no GST).
  • Payment
    • Payment is not required in advance of your appointment.
    • All payments are made online via e-transfer.
    • Receipts will be provided once payment is received.
  • Location:
    • The Academy Fitness Club, 637 – 11th Avenue SW, Calgary.
  • Parking:
    • There is free parking immediately surrounding the building.
  • Age:
    • Patients under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.