Second Opinion

A Second Opinion

Healthcare decisions are among the hardest decisions to make for either ourselves or a family member.

Getting a second opinion is very common in healthcare, especially if you have unanswered questions and  / or aren’t improving.

To help patients, Terry sees patients for second opinions almost everyday.

Terry offers over 30 years of clinical experience working with some of North America’s top Orthopaedic surgeons, sportsmedicince physicians and chronic pain specialists as well as over 500 Olympic and professional athletes as former physiotherapist for the Calgary Flames, Canada’s Olympic Hockey Team and The University of Calgary Sports Medicine Center.

To help patients looking for a second opinion, Terry  offers confidential, uninterrupted one hour assessments to (1) answer patient questions, (2) offer his treatment and rehab exercise recommendations to help patients see improvement and their return to activities.

No physician referral is required.

For appointment information and to book an appointment with Terry online, click here.

Please note that Terry does NOT see patients involved in legal litigation, motor vehicle accidents or work-related injuries (WCB). If you are looking for a medical-legal opinion, we recommend you seek out another physiotherapist.